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Our Services

We Bring Your Data To Your Fingertips

We transform your organization by making your data trackable, measurable, and easily reportable. We act as both your strategic thought partner and technology expert, aligning with your mission and values to empower you as a catalyst for change and growth.

Launching with Salesforce

If you’re ready to move your data out of spreadsheets and into Salesforce but feel uncertain about bridging the gap from your current systems to fully leveraging Salesforce, we’re here to guide you through a seamless transition.

Through a series of workshops over 6-8 weeks, we will help you transform your spreadsheets and impact stories into measurable, trackable, and reportable data designed to be managed in Salesforce. We can also help you identify your short and long-term KPIs. We will then design a scalable data model and detailed configuration requirements for your Salesforce platform, along with a custom training plan and change management strategy to ensure a successful launch.

Salesforce Maintenance & Optimization

If you already have Salesforce in place and seek assistance in its upkeep to ensure it remains usable, secure, and efficient, our specialized services are designed to meet these needs.

We serve as your part-time Salesforce Admin, providing ongoing maintenance and support to continually optimize your Salesforce platform. Through regular enhancements and communication with your team, we ensure your CRM stays nimble, relevant, and hyper-responsive to your users’ evolving needs. By quickly responding to their requests and ideas, we will maximize adoption and keep your platform delivering optimal value.

Salesforce Enhancement & Training

If your Salesforce environment is due for an upgrade, expansion, or if your team needs further training to maximize its use, we provide custom solutions designed to enrich and broaden your Salesforce journey.

We drive end-to-end Salesforce CRM implementations and updates tailored to drive your growth. We evaluate your ecosystem, architect the optimal solution, handle a seamless rollout, and train your users for maximum adoption. With a custom-fit CRM, actionable data insights, and enabled users, we transform Salesforce into a springboard for organizational success.

Tableau Data Visualization

Are you looking to adopt interactive, AI-powered data visualization tools like Tableau? We can facilitate your move into more advanced, insightful data analysis and visualization technologies.

We build custom Tableau dashboards designed to deliver maximum visibility into your data. Our experts architect smart, interactive dashboards with advanced analytics and visualizations tailored to your KPIs.  With strategic dashboards directly aligned to your mission, you transform data into accessible, actionable insights.

Data Strategy Leadership

Lacking a dedicated leader for your organization’s data strategy? We provide expert services to fill this gap, ensuring your data strategy is not just conceived but also effectively implemented and managed.

With deep expertise in data strategy, architecture, and business intelligence tools, we can become your outsourced/fractional Chief Data Officer (CDO). Acting as an extension of your team, we collaborate closely with executives and managers to craft intelligent data strategies aligned with your organization’s specific needs and goals. Our focus is on maximizing efficiency, defining strategic data initiatives, overseeing data operations, and promoting the adoption of data-driven decisions throughout your organization.

Defining Outcome & Impact Measures

If your organization seeks to define success through measurable outcomes and impact but struggles to identify measurable metrics or improve data processes, we offer a structured path forward. Our service is tailored for small businesses and non-profits aiming to establish clear benchmarks for success in the short, medium, and long term. Utilizing the Logic Model approach, our workshops provide a systematic method to align your goals with actionable metrics, ensuring that every initiative contributes directly to your overarching objectives.

Over the course of our engagement, we’ll also dive deep into your current data systems to understand how they serve your needs and where they fall short. By assessing the effectiveness of your existing data processes, we identify opportunities for enhancement, laying the groundwork for more efficient data management practices. This approach not only helps in fine-tuning your metrics for better tracking and reporting but also supports the optimization of your data systems to keep pace with your organization’s growth and evolving goals.

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