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Be Inspired By Your Data

Sertus Partners is a small data and technology consulting practice and Salesforce Partner. We build efficient, secure, integrated and thoughtfully designed Salesforce and Tableau platforms for small to medium-sized non-profit organizations, philanthropic organizations, and small businesses. We serve as your advocates, expert advisors, and partners in your data journey. The outcome of our collaboration is a data-driven organization that is primed for growth – and a team that feels ease, confidence, and clarity in using data to achieve its goals. 

Sertus Partners is a woman-owned, minority-owned consulting practice.

Our Services

We Make Your Data Trackable, Measurable, and Easily Reportable

We take a holistic, analytical approach to designing scalable data platforms tailored to your needs. The outcome is an intuitive CRM solution built on a well-architected data model and efficient workflows.

Launching with Salesforce

If you’re ready to introduce Salesforce to your team but feel uncertain about bridging the gap from your current systems to fully leveraging Salesforce, we’re here to guide you through a seamless transition.

Salesforce Maintenance & Optimization

If you already have Salesforce in place and seek assistance in its upkeep to ensure it remains clean, secure, and efficient, our specialized services are designed to meet these needs.

Salesforce Enhancement & Training

If your Salesforce setup doesn’t perform to its full potential, you want to expand its use throughout the organization, your team requires additional training for better utilization, or it’s time for a thorough assessment and update after several years, we offer tailored solutions to enhance your Salesforce experience.

Data Visualization with Tableau

Are you looking to adopt interactive, AI-powered data visualization tools like Tableau? We can facilitate your move into more advanced, insightful data analysis and visualization technologies.

Data Strategy Leadership

Lacking a dedicated leader for your organization’s data strategy? We provide expert services to fill this gap, ensuring your data strategy is not just conceived but also effectively implemented and managed.

Defining Outcome & Impact Measures

If your organization seeks to define success through measurable outcomes and impact but struggles to identify measurable metrics or improve data processes, we offer a structured path forward.

Transforming Your Data

From Inundated To Inspired

We understand the frustration of navigating a maze of disconnected data, longing for insight but only seeing roadblocks. You should feel empowered, not restricted, by your data.

We unravel complexity, consolidating scattered information into a unified platform that brings insights to your fingertips. Track progress, spot trends, and make data-driven decisions effortlessly to advance your mission.

Beyond technology delivery, we create human-centric solutions, eliminating friction and enhancing understanding. Our experienced team guides you through the entire process with care and expertise. With us, data transforms into a valuable asset, offering focus, visibility, and control.

Our Values

Delivering Results that Matter

We believe that technology should make life simpler. Our human-first approach blends technical expertise with close collaboration. We go beyond understanding your immediate needs and challenges to design tailored, scalable solutions that work seamlessly behind the scenes and feel intuitive up front. Making things simpler is what we’re here for.


We operate with utmost integrity in all our interactions, emphasizing open and transparent communication.


By understanding each client’s unique goals, we deliver targeted solutions that drive meaningful impact.


We continuously streamline operations to provide maximum benefit to our clients quickly through our commitment to productivity.


We adapt our approach to meet your specific needs, preferred tools and learning styles.

Our Mission

We Connect To Your Mission In A Powerful Way

We help organizations realize their full potential through the power of data. By making data accessible, understandable, and actionable, we empower you with the information you need to make informed decisions. Our services are thoughtfully designed around your mission and values, with the goal of catapulting your organization toward exponential growth. We will help you leverage your data with ease, confidence and clarity to drive impactful outcomes.

our impact

Hear From Our Clients

“Sertus took the time to get to know our organization to customize Salesforce to maximize its efficiency as the primary database for our organizational needs on both the programmatic and operations level. They filled a tremendous gap with their Salesforce expertise and helped us build our capacity in understanding and utilizing Salesforce. Their commitment to getting to know our organization, our staff, and building Salesforce in a manner that was in line with our organizational culture. Always contextualizing Salesforce as a way to make our jobs easier to minimize the intimidation of using Salesforce more within the organization.”

Lisette Nieves

Chief Program Officer, CCFY

“Sertus was able to solve a problem for us that no one else has yet been able to. We now have visibility into things we did not before, and the door Sertus opened for us in this regard can be applied to multiple other projects. Sertus has enabled us to collaborate across multiple programs, with multiple program administration partners, and securely share relevant information with each other that will allow us all to better serve our clients. Nandini and her team were fantastic to work with from day one. The team was organized, professional, communicative, and best of all just a joy to work with. From the very beginning of the project in the planning phase all the way to final execution, the Sertus team delivered an excellent quality of work with thoughtfulness and care. I’m so happy we decided to work with Sertus for our Salesforce needs.”

James Cunningham

Director of Community Care, Clean Mobility, GRID Alternatives

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