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Our definition of success is directly tied to the positive impact we create for your organization. Our work extends beyond technology delivery; we provide streamlined systems, connected experiences, and tangible added value. Below, you’ll find testimonials from our clients that highlight the distinct advantage the Sertus approach has brought to their organizations.

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“Finding mission and purpose is life changing, but the process of translating that mission and purpose into a sustainable organization that can continue to build the case around its impact is daunting. Working with Sertus Partners provided a concrete foundation and strategy for Girl Security to scale and measure its impact in ways I could not appreciate or anticipate upon founding the organization. We are set up for success because of Sertus’ process and team.”

Lauren Bean Buitta

Founder and CEO, Girl Security

“Sertus is frank, honest, and willing to roll with our nascent phase of growth and capacity. I spend a lot of time wrangling other consultants, but not Sertus. We are now using Salesforce at a more robust level, team confidence and efficiencies in operations have increased, and I can more easily see overall work as it progresses. Also, Sertus is female-led, committed to retaining remote workers, and values-aligned. They understand the demands and pressures of progressive non-profits, who are not just changing the world but being attacked in the process.”

Kimberly Longey

Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer, Free Press/Free Press Action Fund

“Sertus was extremely knowledgeable in helping build and customize our database to fit our organization. Our Sertus team was thorough in addressing our needs, while creative in finding solutions specific to us. Sertus was also patient with our very busy non-profit organization. We felt building our system might be a grueling process however it was an absolute pleasure working with Sertus!”

Caroline Castro

Communications Manager, Directions For Our Youth Inc.

“We value Sertus’s level of expertise, ease of access to their expertise for our team, and their flexibility. What makes Sertus unique is your people and your way of working; there are a lot of people out there that do this type of work, but yours is a personal touch, and meetings with your team are a breath of fresh air (I.e. easy and not stressful).”

Chief Operating Officer, Small Business using Salesforce for their national sales team

“Sertus was able to solve a problem for us that no one else has yet been able to. We now have visibility into things we did not before, and the door Sertus opened for us in this regard can be applied to multiple other projects. Sertus has enabled us to collaborate across multiple programs, with multiple program administration partners, and securely share relevant information with each other that will allow us all to better serve our clients. Nandini and her team were fantastic to work with from day one. The team was organized, professional, communicative, and best of all just a joy to work with. From the very beginning of the project in the planning phase all the way to final execution, the Sertus team delivered an excellent quality of work with thoughtfulness and care. I’m so happy we decided to work with Sertus for our Salesforce needs.”

James Cunningham

Director of Community Care, GRID Alternatives

“Sertus was a good fit culturally from the beginning – in tune with how we want to deal with things and empathetic to our mission. Sertus has a lot of patience and “reins” us in when needed. Other contractors are constantly trying to sell, but Sertus really cares – they know what we need, and how to get us there (without the need to upsell). Sertus has been a partner, providing expertise and showing the importance of data to our staff.”

Alex Castro

Chief Operating Officer, Community Connections for Youth

“Sertus is committed to partnership and relationship building – asking us for feedback, sending holiday treats and client dinners are small things that go a long way. Sertus is science meeting humanity.”

Lisette Nieves

Chief Program Officer, Community Connections for Youth

“Nandini and her team at Sertus were wonderful to work with! They had great expertise on what we needed from their past experience with implementations, but also did a really thorough process to understand our unique needs and build what we needed. They were great about learning with us on some of the unique ways we seek to track long term data and they have been an incredibly supportive partner as we grow.”

Renata Soto

Founder & President, Mosaic Changemakers

Meet Our Clients

Chances for Children

Providing clinical group and dyadic services for families with young children to strengthen understanding, enhance sensitivity and nurture relationships.

Community Connections For Youth

Equiping grassroots faith and neighborhood organizations to develop effective community driven alternatives to incarceration for youth.

Directions For Our Youth

Providing programming in underserved areas of New York City for young people. They engage participants as active partners in their own development as they seek to become thriving, self-sufficient adults and agents of change

Nido de Esperanza

Breaking the cycle of poverty by changing the first 1,000 days of a child’s life.

Mosaic Changemakers

Bringing together changemakers of color to strengthen individual and collective power to lead boldly and confidently in a multiracial, multicultural society.

Girl Security

Forging equity in national security, grounded in an unwavering commitment to listen to and value the personal security experiences of girls, women, and gender minorities.

Free Press

Promoting equitable access to technology, diverse and independent ownership of media platforms, and journalism that holds leaders accountable and tells people what’s actually happening in their communities.

Hispanics in Philanthropy

The largest global network of philanthropists, funders, nonprofits, impact investors, and movement leaders to support, fund, and materialize their vision of change for Latines across the Americas and Caribean.

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